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PAIC’s letter to 14 Senators on Human Rights resolution

March 28, 2010

Dear Senator,

We at the Progressive American Iranian Committee (PAIC), a human rights organization, gratefully appreciate your effort in introducing resolution to punish Islamic regime’s officials responsible for human rights abuses against freedom and peace loving Iranian people.

Dear Senator, the Islamic Republic of Iran was the first government established with the Islamic ideology in the region, and since then Islamic extremism and terrorism have increased. These are threats to the security and well being of the Iranian people, the region and the world.

This regime, by owning all minerals and the major industries, as well as controlling about 80 percent of the Iran’s economy; is using the wealth of the country to buy domestic and international support  and repress the people by parallel security and police and paramilitary forces to maintain its grips on power.

The reform of the existing system of government with its current constitution is impossible, and this regime must be changed. The brave Iranian people are the most capable of changing the regime if given moral and diplomatic support, through economic and political sanctions. Sanctions that are tied to human rights violations.

Dear Senator, to the freedom loving Iranian people, the regime is the biggest problem and, never has the cause of freedom in Iran been more urgent. Human rights sanction legislation puts the United States, rightfully on the side of justice, liberty and the Iranian people.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity and express our deepest gratitude for siding with justice. We believe, as you do, cutting the economic life blood of the regime in support of human rights of the Iranian people is the best strategic policy. We strongly request your continued moral support for the freedom loving people of Iran, in their quest to rid themselves of the tyranny of the Islamic Republic and to establish democracy in Iran.

With warmest wishes,


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