Flynt Leverett and his Iranian dream

By Hassan Daioleslam

Flynt Leverett served as a National Security Council member in George Bush administration. Regarding Iran, he has had one permanent obsession (or dream): a grand bargain with the Iranian regime. He deeply regrets the missed opportunities by US administration to reach a historic agreement with Tehran; it suffices to be more generous and friendlier to the Iranian leaders.

Two months ago, just after the (mockery) of presidential election in Iran, millions of people poured into the streets braving batons, bullets,  torture and rape. As the daily images of the Iranian uprising arrived in Washington, one thing became certain; that the fractured and fragile Iranian regime can not and will not enter any serious engagement with the West over its nuclear program, let alone any kind of bargain, grand or small.

Hence the reason for leverett’s precipitated intervention to control the damage. He wrote an article titled: “Ahmadinejad won the election, get over it. Apparently, this did not convince too many people. He then appeared on TV to declare that “US media’s Iran coverage is ill informed and biased.

Here is his TV interview.


“I do not believe that the Islamic Republic is in crisis. I also think that Ahmadinejad actually won the election. He has an enormous amount of popular support in the country.

Question: Is the media misinforming the American public? Because if you listen to the main stream media, you think %100 the Ahmadinejad stole the election

Leverett: Certain amount of wishful thinking.”

If the viewers are not convinced by Leverett’s performance, they can see another TV show, aired by the Iranian TV, a four people conference in New York organized by Ahmadinejad’s friends to prove exactly the same thing; that he truly won the election, the US media is biased and the public is misinformed about Iran.


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