Be the Voice of Political Prisoners in Iran on the Election Day

On June 12, 2009, the Islamic regime in Iran will conduct its mockery of Presidential election to legitimize its existence.

This election lacks all aspects of a democratic exercise and moreover, the electoral system has been rendered insignificant by the doctrine of velayet-e faqih (i.e. guardianship by Mullah).

According to the article 57 of the Islamic regime’s Constitution, the Supreme Leader has the absolute authority over all branches of the government and has tried to dominate every sphere of life of each individual in the country.

Now four men who have held high position within the system and shown their allegiance to the Leader, are selected and approved as candidates and people are asked to choose one!

…..All the four selected candidates have been directly involved in three decades of repressing the Iranian people.

On June 12th, the Iranian regime’s supporters and lobbyists in 35 major cities in the United States will organize the so-called electoral ballot. According to the International Geneva Convention, since there is no diplomatic relation between the US and Iran, the regime elements can not travel beyond 25 miles radius of  the Washington, DC and New York City, but regime uses its agents to achieve this.

The Progressive American Iranian Committee (PAIC) calls upon all Iranian Americans and the freedom loving people, to be the voice of the Iranian people living under religious dictatorship on June 12th, and say “Freedom and Liberty” yes, “Theocracy” no, “Real Election” yes, “Sham Election” no.


June 1, 2009


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